Making conversation

Why is he so early? Doesn’t he have work to do? He works with John en John never arrives before 6.15 pm, often he doesn’t even show for dinner. How can Ames have the time to drop by so early? I decide to not wonder longer than necessary and ask him.

“Early afternoon for you?” He looks at me confused. “Erh, I mean, you know, John never gets out of work before 6ish…” Shit, why did I get myself into his mess? I should have just left him wondering round the kitchen, trying to ignore him, trying to cook dinner. Alone.


Stirring in the pots.

“So, am I doing this correctly?”

I don’t even glance over at his work and reply: “Yeah, it’s fine, thanks for helping.”
I am busy with pots and pans on the stove, while he is meticulously cutting a zucchini into small bits. Maiming I should say really. But I’m trying not to pay to much attention to him.

“So how do you like working for John and Kate?” He’s still trying to keep the conversation going.

“Sure.” I reply absentmindedly. I wish the kids would storm in right about now. They would create a nice distraction between him and me.